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Basic Tutorial -- Step 7: Use the map to get an overview of your story world

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Select the map

Click on the Map tab. The table should disappear and be replaced by the
map. Most likely, this has a large white expanse with some text in the middle.

Move the text around

The text in the middle of the map is all the contexts and commands of your world. They may all be on top of each other. Use the mouse to move these around. Click on each one with the left mouse button and drag it around. If you've been following the tutorial without extra changes, after some amount of dragging things from on top of each other, you should be able to create a map that looks like this:


A map of the tutorial forest world so far

Select items in the map

Unless you have changed the default colors, rules are represented by the blue items, which are the commands entered for each rule. When you left click on a blue command, the related rule will be selected in the rule editor panel. A bold blue item indicates the current rule in the rule editor panel. Changes you make to the rule in the editor will not be visible on the map until you tab out of an editor field or do some other action (like click on the map) that commits the change.

You can use Shift left-click to select several items one by one. You can click and then drag to select all the items in an area. You can use control-click to drag an item and drop it into an editing field (except the reply field).

Save the world

We haven't done anything to change the structure of the world, but we have still done some work to make a nice map. Now you should choose World | Save to save your world along with its prettied-up map.

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