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Basic Tutorial -- Step 6: Save your work

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Choose World | Save to save your story world. Enter a file name like 'forest' (or if that is already taken, choose another).

s important to keep backup copies of your work in case your hard disk fails or you accidentally delete something. You can use World | Save As to save your work under a file with a different name. However, session files refer to the name of your world file, so if you change it, previously saved sessions will start the old world file (which may not be what you want). So you might want instead to use the Windows Explorer to occasionally copy your world file and give the copy a similar name to the original but with v1, v2, v3, etc. appended to it. If you have a problem, you can copy one of these files back over and then rename it. World files are usually small, so it is easy to save them to a floppy or other storage media besides your hard disk.

Now you know enough to build some simple adventures. The next few sections will cover how to build them faster using the wizards. But first, let's take a quick detour into the map.

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