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Welcome to StoryHarp

StoryHarp is an interactive environment for playing and creating stories called audioventures. Using StoryHarp, you talk to your computer and your computer talks back with speech, sounds, and music.


You can only use the speech input and output features of StoryHarp if you have installed Microsoft Agent on your computer. Without installing Agent, you can still play audioventures by clicking on choices and reading text. See Installing and Using Agent for details. If Agent is not installed, several menu items will be disabled.

Playing StoryHarp

You can get started playing StoryHarp by reading
Playing StoryHarp Audioventures. When you are using Agent, an animated picture of the Agent will float above all the windows on your computer screen (unless you hide the Agent).

Authoring StoryHarp Audioventures

We hope you find StoryHarp the quickest and easiest way to build interactive stories. The StoryHarp authoring environment was designed to be as simple as possible to let you, the author, focus on creative writing. Simple as it is, there are still
several basic concepts you need to know to get started. They form the core building blocks with which you can build very sophisticated adventures of a certain style. Three levels of StoryHarp tutorials guide you through making your first audioventures.

Do I need to know how to program?

For the most part, authoring in StoryHarp requires
very little programming ability in the conventional sense. We are assuming you have at least a rudimentary notion of programming, such as the definition of a variable (something with a name that stores a current value). If you have worked with other adventure authoring environments, be sure to read How is StoryHarp different from other IF systems?.


Use of this software is governed by a
License. Please read the license before using the software.

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