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Playing StoryHarp audioventures

When you open StoryHarp you will see the player window. The player window stays open the whole time you are using StoryHarp. At the top of the player window is an area called the transcript in which the story unfolds (if you cant see a transcript, turn the Settings | Show Transcript option on). Below the transcript is a list of commands, or things you can say. To play an audioventure, you say or click on any of the commands in the list.


The player window

If you do not want to edit audioventures, you can turn off the editor portion of StoryHarp using the /p command line argument. See Using StoryHarp as a player only.

Working with audioventure sessions

gif/chiclet.gif Making new sessions and opening sessions

gif/chiclet.gif Saving a session

Playing an audioventure session

gif/chiclet.gif Listening to (or reading) the audioventure

gif/chiclet.gif Saying (or choosing) commands

gif/chiclet.gif Undoing and redoing commands

gif/chiclet.gif Tips for playing Audioventures

Changing options

gif/chiclet.gif Setting the sounds and music directory

gif/chiclet.gif Changing voice, sound and music settings

gif/chiclet.gif Changing the Agent character

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