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Setting the sounds and music directory

Setting the extra sounds and music directory

To play Sounds and Music, Story Harp needs to know where to look for them. By default it looks in three places: the directory the story file is in, the directory the StoryHarp executable is in, and the windows media directory. You may specify one other directory for it to look in, typically a directory on a CD-ROM with sound effects. For each directory, StoryHarp looks in that directory and all directories below it. Use the Settings | Extra Sound & Music Directory to bring up a dialog where you can enter this extra directory.

Choosing a location for sound and music files

If you find StoryHarp takes a while to get going the first time sound or music is played, with your hard disk or CD drive light on for a while, this is because it is searching for sound or music files. You may have the story file at your root directory "\" on a drive, or may have set your extra sounds and music directory to something like "C:\". While this will work, it causes an extra delay as extraneous directories are searched. It is best to put world files in subdirectories and to set the extra sound and music directory to a subdirectory.

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