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Comparing rules and debugging in the browser

The browser provides a way to navigate through rules, just as do the table and map. The browser helps you investigate connections between rules as an aid to managing a complex story. You can bring up the browser by clicking on the Browser tab on the rule editor window.

The first list

The first list in the browser works as though you were looking down a column of the table and seeing all the entries in that column. You can see all
contexts, commands, moves, requirements or changes in the entire world. You cant browse by reply.

The second list

When you select an item in the first browser list, the second browser list shows commands for all the rules that connect to that item by having the same entry in the column. (If you are browsing by command, the second list shows contexts for the command.)

An example

For example, say you have a very simple adventure happening in and around a house. Say three rules happen
in the context house, and six happen in the context yard. If you browse by context, you will see two items in the first list: house and yard. If you click on house in the first browser list, you will see the three commands that pertain to the house context. If you click on yard in the first browser list, you will see the six yard commands.

gif/browserintro1.gif gif/browserintro2.gif

An example of using the browser

Using the browser:

gif/chiclet.gif Changing browser contents

gif/chiclet.gif Selecting rules in the browser

gif/chiclet.gif Dragging text from the browser to the rule editor panel

gif/chiclet.gif Using the browser for debugging

See also:

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