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What is a variable?

A variable is a like a switch that can be turned on and off. The set of all these switches at any time records the state of the audioventure at the point you are playing it. For example, if you are in a context called blue room, and youve just finished eating a cheesecake but youve lost your fork, the variables list could include variables called blue room, ate cheesecake, and have fork. In this case have fork would be turned off.

When you write an audioventure you use variables to keep track of where the player is and what they have or have not done. Every unique phrase you enter in any field (except the reply field) has a corresponding variable. For example, each
context automatically has a matching variable, which can be true or false, controlling the availability of commands with that context. In the example above, moving into the blue room (using a move) automatically turns the blue room variable on. The variables ate cheesecake and have fork would be created by entering them as a requirement or change. A variable created by entering a command is usually only used internally by the system for organizing rules in the browser and variables list.

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