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Using the change log file to recover text

The change log file provides a way to recover lost text. Each time you commit a change to a field in the rule editor panel or finish using one of the wizards, the new text you typed is added to the change log file. You can get back any lost text by copying it from the change log file.

Accessing the change log

Use the Tools | Log File menu item to bring up the change log window, which shows the current contents of the change log file. To copy text, scroll through the change log and select some text, then click Copy selection.

Updating the change log window

The change log window is non-modal, which means you can leave it open. However, the change log window doesn
t update as you make additions to the change log file. To view recent changes to the change log, either press Reload on the change log window or pick the Tools | Log File menu item again.

Choosing a different change log file

You can pick a different file to use as a change log using the Change button. If you are running StoryHarp from a directory on a network you cannot write to, or with a write-protected log file (like when running from a CD-ROM), you will get a warning the first time you make a change that would be logged. In that case, your changes will not be logged until you choose a log file that is writeable. We suggest you do not ignore this warning and that you do pick a locally writeable change log file; this way you have an extra safety net to preserve all your work.

Clearing the log

The Clear button will clear out the change log file. A backup copy of the file is made before clearing. Pressing the Clear button a second time will overwrite the backup copy. The log takes up very little space, so there is rarely any need to clear it. You might wish to clear the log file twice when you are done working with StoryHarp in a public computer cluster if you do not want others to possibly see your work. In that case, you probably should make a copy of the change log file for your own recovery needs first before clearing it.

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