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Raising and lowering rules

To change the order of rules in the table, select the rule or rules you want to move. Then click the Raise or Lower buttons in the button bar, or use the Rule | Raise and Rule | Lower menu commands.

Tips on raising and lowering rules

The order of rules matters in certain cases. You can see the order of the rules in the table.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif The first rule at the top of the table defines the initial
focused context when the adventure starts. The command defined in the first rule is done when the audioventure is started. If more than one rule has the same context and command as the first, they will all be done at startup.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif When a command is issued by the player, all available rules which match it are evaluated in the order they are in the table, and all
replies are played together. Any changes in the rules are made in the order they appear in the table. You may need to move rules up and down to fine tune in what order things are said.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif You may want to move rules to keep related rules in the same context together for convenience.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif Very rarely, it is also possible that you may need to move rules to resolve situations where one rule sets a variable to true and another set the same variable to not true. This would be a very unusual situation, perhaps implemented with two rules with replies that merge to produce: "You do X. You are stopped by Y." In practice it might be better to simply have one rule or the other be available and for it to have the entire appropriate reply.

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