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Downloading Agent

What you need to do

Before you commit to downloading and using Agent, please read
About Microsoft Agent and If you already have text-to-speech or voice recognition software installed. Also, be aware of two things:

gif/storyharp00090000.gif You will need a microphone attached to your computer to use voice recognition, preferably a high-quality headset microphone.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif There are three packages to install, which means several things could go wrong.

A warning about viruses

We also suggest you run a virus scan on your system periodically as well. If you have a virus on your computer before downloading software, it may infect the downloaded software after downloading. So to be safest, you should run virus scans before and after downloading software. We scan our software before making it available over the internet and we assume Microsoft does the same. However, the same cannot be said for software you may have received from third parties. There is also a very tiny chance software may be modified in transit or that the site you download the software from may have been compromised in some way. In practice, these problems are very unlikely, but they are still possible.

Downloading Agent

To download Agent, point your web browser to


You will find links there to the download packages on the Microsoft site.

Download all three packages from the Microsoft Agent downloads section:

gif/storyharp00090000.gif The Microsoft Agent System (MSagent.exe)

gif/storyharp00090000.gif The Microsoft Command and Control Speech Recognition Engine (actcnc.exe)

gif/storyharp00090000.gif The Lernout-Hauspie Text To Speech Engine (cgram.exe)

If you already have a SR or TTS engine installed (like the ones supplied with IBM ViaVoice), you may want to wait on downloading the last two files (actcnc.exe, cgram.exe) until you have seen how well Agent by itself works with what you already have.

The file names and site address were correct as of this writing (April 1998). If you have a problem, check for updated information.

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