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Basic Tutorial -- Step 9: Connect contexts with the new moves wizard

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Use the new moves wizard

The new moves wizard is used to create rules that allow the player to move from one context to another. It can create links in one or both directions between two contexts. Open it by using the Tools | New Moves Wizard menu item.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif On the second panel, you will need to pick two contexts to connect. Choose "tree top" in the left panel and "vine bridge" in the right panel. Click Next to get to the third panel.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif On the third panel, enter "go on to the vine bridge" as the command to go from the tree top to the vine bridge. You can leave the reply blank. Click Next to get to the fourth panel.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif On the fourth panel, enter "enter the tree top" for the command. You can leave the reply field blank. Click Next.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif On the last panel, confirm that you will be building two rules like this:

tree top -- go on to the vine bridge --> vine bridge

vine bridge -- enter the tree top --> tree top

Then click Finish.

Look at the new rules

Two rules will be added to the forest world. They should be placed fairly well in the map.

Congratulations; you've linked up the vine bridge to the tree top!

Make another link

Now we will use the same wizard again to connect the vine bridge to the tree house. But here's a trick to speed things up in the future. Before bringing up the wizard, in the map first left click on the "vine bridge" context. Then Shift-left click on the "tree house" context. Both should now be highlighted in yellow boxes. Now bring up the wizard.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif The two contexts you selected in the map should be already selected in the two list boxes on the second panel. (The may not be in the same order you selected them; they are in the order you created the contexts.) Now add the commands "go onto the vine bridge" and "go to the tree house" as appropriate on the next two panels.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif Make sure that you put the right command for the right context, to get this on the last panel:

tree house -- go onto the vine bridge --> vine bridge

vine bridge -- go to the tree house --> tree house

It doesn't matter which of these if first. You can correct something by moving backward in the wizard.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif Click Finish to make these links.

Look at your world

The end result should look something like this:


A map of the tutorial forest world near the end of the basic tutorial

Note that we now use the same command "go onto the vine bridge" in two different contexts (tree house and tree top). Note that we haven't yet hooked up the rope ladder.

Save your world

You should save your world again.

Try out the world

Let's try out what we have now in the player. You should now be able to produce something like this in the transcript:

> look

You are in the forest. There are many majestic trees here.

> climb a tree

You climb a tree and can see nothing but tree tops for miles around you

> go onto the vine bridge

You go onto the vine bridge

> go to the tree house

You go to the tree house

> go onto the vine bridge

You go onto the vine bridge

> look

You are walking across a vine bridge.

> enter the tree top

You enter the tree top

> look

You are at the top of a huge Sequoia, swaying in the breeze.

Of course, the transcript doesn't read that well because we haven't indicated in the look commands what options are available. For example, in the tree top, the reply for "look" might be changed to read:

You are at the top of a huge Sequoia, swaying in the breeze.

The tree leans a little, so you might be able to slide down the tree.

You can go onto a vine bridge that leads over to a tree house in another Sequoia.

The bridge looks pretty flimsy.

This reply hints that you can say "slide down the tree" and "go onto the vine bridge".

You may have noticed that the rule in the rule editor panel changed when you did something in the player window. This happens if you have Development | Update Editor Selection After Command Done checked in the player window.

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