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Advanced Tutorial -- Step 6: Import some rules from another audioventure

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Import a world

As a last thing to try, let's import the introductory adventure in "intro.wld" into this adventure. We won't save the results. This is just to show you the capability. The import feature lets you build parts of a world in separate files and then later bring them together. This is especially useful if you are working cooperatively with others on a larger audioventure.

You should save your story world first. Then, go to the map. Select Rule | Import From menu item. Pick "intro.wld" from the file list box. You will see many new links and nodes appear. Without deselecting any, click on a selected one and drag the whole bunch to an empty part of the map. You may have to scroll and drag several times to get the new rules in their own area. There you go; you've added several new rules defining a hotel lobby and a library. Now, if you wanted you could somehow link the lobby to the forest. We won't attempt that here; it would only take two new rules and modifying the "look" reply for those two contexts.


You can now delete the rules (or undo them). You will have to undo all the drags before the imported rules will be removed. If you undo the import, be careful not to undo beyond the point where you imported them or you will lose some of your previous work. If you saved your world before starting the import, you could also just load your saved world file again, taking care not to save the recent changes when prompted.

More about importing rules

There is one important thing to be aware of when importing rules. If a context with the same name already exists in the current world, the imported rules will end up pointing to the preexisting context. This is sometimes what you want. More often it is not. It is usually easiest to change the name of the conflicting context before you import them. You can of course separate them afterwards instead.

You can also select rules and export only the currently selected rules into a new world file. You can use the Rule | Export Selected To menu item to do this.

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