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Adding sounds

Adding sound effects to the replies the computer makes to the player makes the audioventure more interesting. For example, the context windy peak could play the sound of wind blowing each time the player moves to it. Or you can use themes to identify characters in your story; every time a character is around, the player could hear a theme such as a giggle or a groan.

Adding sounds to replies

To add sounds to a
rule's reply, click to place the text cursor somewhere in the reply field in the rule editor panel. Make sure the cursor is at the beginning, or end, or in the space between words. Then click on the Sound button, or choose the Edit | Insert Sound menu item. A dialog will appear asking you to pick a WAV file. After you select a file, text will be inserted into the reply, like this:

{sound FileName}

If there is no file extension, WAV is assumed. You can cut or edit this text, but make sure you keep the beginning and ending braces.

How sounds are played

StoryHarp gives the sound to the Agent system, which queues it up with the speech to be said so that sounds are said exactly where they are inserted in the text. So StoryHarp will stop speaking where you place the sound macro, play the sound, and then resume speaking.

Tips on adding sounds

In order for a sound file to be found, it must either have an absolute path or it must be in one of the directories searched for sounds or music. Normally, sounds and music are searched for in the world file directory, the executable directory, and the Windows media directory. Use Settings | Extra Sound & Music Directory in the player window to set an extra search directories. Putting in absolute paths is not recommended because then others will not be able to use your adventures on different computers.

gif/storyharp00090000.gif You can test to see what your reply sounds like by either clicking on the icon next to the label for the reply field, or by choosing the Rule | Test Reply menu item. If Agent is installed, the text will be said and the sound played even if you have those options turned off in the player settings. You can also test this by doing the command in the player. In that case Settings | Speak and Settings | Play Sound in the Player window would have to be checked in order to hear the sounds.

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