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PlantStudio Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Developers of custom software and educational simulations.
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PlantStudio Features

What can you do with PlantStudio? A lot! You can:

Make your own plants using a step-by-step wizard wizard
Choose from libraries of plants libraries
Create multiple-plant compositions such as bouquets bouquet
Breed new plant varieties by mutating existing plants
Create your own leaves and other 3D structures
3D editing
Animate plants through their life cycles
Work with your other graphics tools to merge plants into compositions
merged picture
Learn how plants grow and about terms and modeling
Send and receive plants by email
text copy

PlantStudio works with the graphics tools you already have. You can:

  • copy plant pictures to the clipboard and paste directly to other programs
  • save plant pictures in BMP format
  • write DXF files to read in your 3D programs
  • create image hose nozzles for MetaCreations Painter and picture tubes for Paint Shop Pro (not directly -- you have to help out a little in Painter or Paint Shop Pro)
  • create animations of growing or revolving plants by writing out numbered animation bitmaps you can read into your animation maker
You can use your botanical drawings to:
  • energize newsletters, posters, web pages, greeting cards
  • add lifelike detail to landscape designs and drawings
  • add background scenery to photographic compositions
  • create foliage backgrounds for 3D scenes
  • compose virtual collages
  • provide starting points for visual art projects
And you don't have to stop at plants! The organic forms you create with PlantStudio can be used as starting points for anything you can imagine, such as:
  • fantastic serpentine beasts
  • ethereal landscapes
  • bizarre architectural forms
  • abstract background patterns for wallpapers and textures

Some exceptional PlantStudio features are:

  • a flexible modeling system with over 200 parameters that draws a wide variety of herbaceous (non-woody) plants
  • virtually unlimited possibilities for creating new plants by changing parameters and breeding new plants
  • a comprehensive help system including a tutorial and explanation of the parameters
  • optional popup hints with full explanations to get you started quickly
  • multiple undo with up to 1000 actions
  • enhanced drawing speed with plant bitmap caching
  • extensive memory of your preferences and options

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