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Please help us make our products better for you by giving us feedback about them. To return this survey, copy the text below and paste it into an email message to, then fill in your answers between the questions.

== Product Survey

Which product is this survey in reference to?

Please describe the computer you used the program on. Include the type, speed, and brand of computer, the operating system, the type of graphics card, the type of sound card, your monitor resolution and color depth, any startup software you have running (such as a desktop enhancement or virus checker), any peripherals such as a Zip drive or a pen tablet, what types and brands of input devices you use (mouse, pen, etc), the amount of total RAM and free disk space you have, and any other unique characteristics of your system.

== Downloading and installing

Did you encounter any problems during downloading and installation?

(For StoryHarp only) Did you download, install and use Microsoft Agent? If so, did you have any problems related to using it or using StoryHarp with it?

== First impressions

Before you started the program for the first time, what were your expectations? What did you think the program would do?

What was the first thing you did when you started the program? What happened? What was your reaction?

What was your first difficulty with the program? What key piece of information did it take a while to discover? What didn't work the way you expected?

How long did it take to do anything interesting the first time you used the program?

Did you read the tutorial? Did you do the tutorial? Did the tutorial help you understand the program? Was it easy to follow?

== Overall impressions

What surprised you most about this program?

What do you like best about this program? What parts exceed your expectations?

What did you like least about this program? What parts fell short of your expectations?

Did you encounter any problems where the program didn't seem to work correctly? If so, please describe them.

What uses do you think this software is best suited for? To whom would you recommend it?

What, specifically, do you want to use this program to do? How does or doesn't it help you to do these things? How could it better help you?

What price do you think the average person would expect to pay for this product?

What are the most important improvements or new features you think should be included in the next major version of the program?

(optional) What is your profession? Will you use this program at home or at work?

May we quote you for promotional materials?

May we use your name and professional affiliation if we quote you? If so, what are they?

Please add any additional comments you have.

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