These planning pages (circa 1999) are kept here for reference. The ongoing project is now here.

These prototype screen layouts give a general sense of what interactions with the repository might be like. We are also working on a Python CGI prototype to begin to design the system.

=============== RECIPE INPUT FORM ================
Recipes are entered using a form with these fields:

Recipe Name
 Ex: Cynthia's 2 cm X 10 cm Aluminum Bolts

 Item Quantity Unit* Wear FailureProbability**
 Ex. "Aluminum Bolt 2 cm X 10 cm" 10 item 0 0.01
 Ex. "Aluminum chips" 0.63 Kg 0 0

 Item Quantity Unit Wear FailureProbability
 Ex. "Aluminum dowel 4cm diam" 105 cm 0 0
 Ex. "Machine oil" 0.002 Kg 0 0
 Ex. Electricity 0.02 Kwh 0 0
Uses (as tool or catalyst)
 Item Quantity Unit Wear FailureProbability
 Ex. Lathe 1 item 0.0001 0.00001
 Ex. "Aluminum cutting bit" 1 item 0.01 0.0001
 Ex. "CNC program" 1 item 0 0

 A Large free form text field
 Ex. Place the aluminum dowel stock in the lathe and activate the CNC
program. Wait five minutes. Remove bolts. Clean machine of aluminum

 ProcessingTime HumanInvolvementPercent NumberOfPeopleRequired
 Ex. 5 minutes 20% 1

 Name Affiliation Email FlagIfWantNotificationIfRecipeChanged
 "Cynthia Kurtz" "Kurtz-Fernhout Software" Y

* Items may also need mass specified if not derivable from unit. 

** Wear is a fraction of 1.00; at which point the item certainly fails.
Failure probability is per recipe use and is independent of wear (it
could be made a function of wear instead). Wear and failure are
essential to capturing the need for maintenance recipes. Maintenance
recipes (i.e. "lathe construction") address the need to repair or
replace tools and infrastructure as they wear out or fail. In most space
missions so far, the emphasis is on equipment that uses components where
failure is unlikely because of testing and high quality, or where failed
components are replaced by spares, or where the failure of components
and resulting decreased capacity is simply tolerated for the mission
duration. Recording failure probabilities and showing the consequences
in habitat simulations is essential for contest designers to gain
insight into the issues surrounding maintaining and duplicating a space
habitat using just asteroidal ore and sunlight, and thus leading to a
focus of minimizing the need for tools continually supplied from earth

=================== RECIPE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS =============
The system relies on the users (and administrators) to be self-policing.
The hope is that a very large fraction of the interactions with the
database will be non-malicious and accurate. The tendency towards system
failure from malice or inaccuracy is hopefully offset by people undoing
the effects of such with these management options. Of course these
management options themselves can be used poorly too.

Recipes can be managed by anyone using these options.

Please select an option for managing this recipe:
Great recipe -- applause email to author
Tested recipe and it worked -- noted
Inaccurate recipe - delete, note, or fix
Incorrectly categorized (ex. "phaser" labeled as real) -- recategorize
Dangerous recipe (ex. poison) -- delete
Offensive recipe (ex. profanity) -- delete
Test recipe -- delete

Deleted items are immediately hidden and moved to a cache for review by
the administrator.

Modifying author information:
 Name Affiliation Email FlagIfWantNotificationIfRecipeChanged

=================== ITEM SEARCH FORM ===================

Recipes that involve NameOfItem
Ex. Recipes that involve "2 cm X 10 cm Aluminum Bolts"

 Ex. Cynthia's 2 cm X 10 cm Aluminum Bolts

 Ex. Airlock door frame (real)
 Ex. Communications tower (real)
 Ex. Service Robot (sci-fi)

Use at tool/catalyst:
 Ex. No recipes use bolts as a tool or catalyst


=============== SPACE HABITAT SIMULATOR ================
This is a very simple non-graphical simulation. Future versions would
ideally allow you to map out process paths as a two or 
three dimensional map and watch the movements of materials.

Active Recipes & Priority*:
Bolt manufacturing 3
Mirror fabrication 1
Oxygen production 1
Ore separation 1
Lettuce production 2

Choose Recipes and Priorities >>CHOOSE<<

* Priority relates to how many times a recipe is made during one
simulation run.

Current simulation state:
Items quantity average wear
Bolts 56 items = 5 Kg 0.01
Mylar Mirrors 12 ha = 19 Kg 0.20
Mining machinery 1 item = 1000Kg 0.95
Oxygen 234 Kg
Ore 1267 Kg
Li 2 Kg
Si 12 Kg
Al 56 Kg
H20 15 Kg
Slag 891 Kg
Lettuce 45 Kg
Lettuce producer 3 items = 300 Kg 0.05
Lettuce producer  1 item = 100 Kg 1.00
People 10 people = 500 Kg 0.05

Adjust item quantities >>EDIT<<

Iterate Model using Recipes & Priority >>ITERATE<<**

** Every time this "ITERATE" button is pressed, the recipes listed are
made if their prerequisites are available and the item totals are then
updated for items produced, consumed, or failed. 

In the example above the mining machinery is approaching the point of
certain failure (it is at 0.95 of 1.00). At that point, all recipes
using the mining machine can no longer be made, until a "fix broken
mining machine" recipe is made, or the machine is replaced with a new
one, like with a "build new mining machine" recipe. Note that one of the
four lettuce producing systems has already failed and is awaiting a
repair recipe to be written and added to the simulation.

============ CHANGE LOG ===================
This log tracks all changes made to the system, as well as who made them
(if the person entered their identity). Anonymous changes could be
flagged as suspect and reviewed more often.

ADD: Mylar fabrication recipe BY: Paul
ADD: Aluminum bolt fabrication recipe BY: Cynthia
UPDATE: Mylar fabrication recipe BY: Al
ADD: Lettuce production recipe BY: Al
UPDATE: Mylar fabrication recipe BY: Freeman
ADD: Asteroidal ore separation recipe BY: Mark
ADD: Stink bomb BY: Anonymous
UPDATE: Lettuce production recipe BY: Jim
DELETE: Stink bomb BY: Paul
ADD: Aluminum dowel fabrication BY: Cynthia
UPDATE: Mylar fabrication recipe BY: Mark
ADD: Aluminum ore processing recipe BY: Cynthia
UPDATE: Mylar fabrication recipe BY: Jim

Deletions and the original deleted item name might only be shown when
administrators are reviewing the logs (in case the recipe name itself
was offensive). Otherwise, anyone can review the logs to study activity

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