These planning pages (circa 1999) are kept here for reference. The ongoing project is now here.

The race is on to make the human world a better (and more resilient) place before one of these overwhelms us:

  • Autonomous military robots out of control
  • Nanotechnology virus / gray slime
  • Ethnically targeted virus
  • Sterility virus
  • Computer virus
  • Asteroid impact
  • Y2K
  • Other unforseen computer failure mode
  • Global warming / climate change / flooding
  • Nuclear / biological war
  • Unexpected economic collapse from Chaos effects
  • Terrorism w/ unforseen wide effects
  • Out of control bureaucracy (1984)
  • Religious / philosophical warfare
  • Economic imbalance leading to world war
  • Arms race leading to world war
  • Zero-point energy tap out of control
  • Time-space information system spreading failure effect (Chalker's Zinder Nullifier)
  • Unforseen consequences of research (energy, weapons, informational, biological)

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