These planning pages (circa 1999) are kept here for reference. The ongoing project is now here.

Here is an example of the type of license we are considering.

Key to the success of Oscomak is a license that encourages people to contribute information as well as use it. We believe contributions should be gifts. So we put no legal restrictions on the use of this information or its redistribution or repackaging. However, we do impose non-binding moral code of use, and we urge you to follow it. For reasons of law and ethics, we do require submitters to agree that their contributions are original and do not infringe on other people's intellectual property rights, and that the submissions can be redistributed under the terms of this license.

The moral code of use:

  • Any substantial use of this material or repackaging will acknowledge Oscomak as the source.
  • Any substantial changes to the code will be clearly noted, with the intent on preserving a trail of credit and responsibility.
  • Individual submitter's names, email, and other information will not be used for promotional purposes, nor will be removed without good cause.
  • This material will not be used for unethical or illegal purposes.
  • Users of the system will also police it for low quality or offensive or dangerous information.
  • Substantial users of this material will also give something back to the project.

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