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Leaf parameters

The parameters in the Leaves section describe how leaves are created, grow, and are drawn.

Leaf 3D object, scale, colors

See the section on
A common suite of parameters for drawing 3D objects.

Leaf 3D object X rotation before drawing

This parameter was added to accommodate the case where leaves are designed backward and appear on the plant upside-down. Usually you won't want to change this parameter, but then again you can use it to create some imaginative effects.

If compound, number of leaflets/shape

Compound leaves are leaves that are not whole (entire) but are made up of a series of smaller leaflets. To specify compound leaves, change the number of leaflets to a number greater than one. You can choose between pinnate (feather-shaped) and palmate (hand-shaped) leaves.


If compound, spread index

This index is a percentage of the petiole length to draw each portion of stem between leaflets. For pinnate leaves, it is both the length of the portion between where leaves come off the main leaf stalk (called a rachis) and the length of each leaflet stalk. For palmate leaves it is the length of each leaflet stalk only.

Growth curve

Like the whole plant and the fruit, leaves have an S-shaped growth curve. Changing the shape of this curve will affect the distribution of biomass over the plant, since it determines how much biomass each leaf asks for as it grows. For example, a flat curve will produce a plant with mostly leaves of the same size, whereas a curve that moves up sharply will produce a plant with large and small leaves.

Optimal biomass, Minimum/maximum days for meristem to create, Minimum fraction of optimal biomass needed to create, Minimum/maximum days to grow

See the section on
A common suite of parameters for growth.

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