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A common suite of parameters for drawing 3D objects

Several of the sections have parameters that deal with drawing 3D objects: Leaves, First Leaves, Female/male Flowers (and flower buds), Fruit, and Root top.

3D object

PlantStudio uses 3D objects to draw all the most complicated structures on the plant -- leaves, flower petals, portions of fruits, and root tops. Here you choose which 3D object to use for each type of plant part. For help on choosing a new 3D object, see
Using 3D object parameter panels. For help on editing 3D objects, see Editing 3D objects.

3D object scale

For each use of a 3D object you must specify a scale to draw the 3D object when it is full-sized. Because you can design 3D objects at any size this number may vary depending on which 3D object you have chosen for the parameter. Just move the slider around to see how the different sizes look.

Back face color, Front face color

Each 3D object is drawn with two colors, one for each side. For leaves, one color is on top and the other is on the bottom; for flowers and fruits, one color is on the inside and the other on the outside. You don't need to worry about which color goes where; just choose colors that look good on your plant. If you change a color and nothing seems to happen on the plant, try changing the other face color. See the section on
Flipping triangles in a 3D object for more on this subject.

(for flowers and fruits) Number of petals/sections

Many seed-bearing plants have four or five petals on the flower. Usually the number of sections on the fruit is the same as the number of petals on the flower. But you can choose any number here as long as it looks right on your plant. It may depend on the 3D object you have chosen for the petal or section.

(for flowers and fruits) Petals/sections are radially arranged

Flowers and fruits are usually drawn in PlantStudio by rotating a single 3D object around in a circle and drawing it several times to make flower petals. If you want your flower or fruit to only have one petal or section you can set this parameter to "no" and only one petal will draw (even if you have chosen multiple petals in the
Number of petals parameter). Normally there will be no reason to turn this parameter off.

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