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Why register?

We think you will agree that this "fully-functional evaluation copy" of PlantStudio gives you ample opportunity to "try before you buy". We hold nothing back -- you can do everything in a PlantStudio evaluation copy that you can do in a registered copy. So why register it?

You will be legally entitled to keep using PlantStudio.
According to the PlantStudio
license, if you use PlantStudio for 10 hours or more (in total) you are legally required to register it. PlantStudio keeps track of how long you have been using it, even though it will continue to work indefinitely. You can find out how long you have been evaluating PlantStudio by choosing About PlantStudio from the Help menu.

You will be legally entitled to distribute your PlantStudio output.
Distributing any output you produce using an unregistered copy of PlantStudio is illegal. This is true whether you sell the output or not. Output means bitmaps, screen shots, printouts, plants, or derivative works thereof.

The little picture on your output will go away.
When your copy of PlantStudio is unregistered, PlantStudio places this picture gif/plantstudio00000128.gif on all your output pictures to remind you that you are not entitled to distribute them. When you register PlantStudio, these pictures will stop appearing.

You'll be doing the right thing.
This evaluation copy of PlantStudio is a like a test drive in a car -- if you drive away without paying, you are breaking the law.

You'll be paving the way for PlantStudio version 2.0.
We of course have lots of ideas we want to pursue for PlantStudio 2.0, including polygon shading and ray tracing, a greater variety and accuracy of plant drawing, better treatment of 3D objects including import from other 3D programs, more types of output, and speed optimizations. Your support will help make future versions possible. We'd love to hear your wish list and any suggestions you have for the next version of PlantStudio.

You will be on the upgrade path.
As a registered user of PlantStudio, you will receive discounts on future versions.

We'll stop reminding you.
When you register PlantStudio, the registration reminder that pops up (sometimes) when you leave PlantStudio will stop appearing.

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