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Flower parameters

The parameters in the Flowers section describe how flowers are created, grow, and are drawn. This explanation covers both male and female flowers.

Be careful when you are changing parameters for flowers and inflorescences not to change parameters in the wrong gender. Usually you will want to skip over the male flowers and inflorescences sections unless you have separate male and female flowers on your plant. You can hide the male parameter sections using the popup menu that appears of the parameter sections.

Drawing flower parameters, Drawing flower bud parameters

See the section on
A common suite of parameters for drawing 3D objects.

Optimal biomass, Minimum fraction of optimal biomass needed to open/set fruit, Minimum/maximum days to grow

See the section on
A common suite of parameters for growth.

Minimum days before fruit can be set (female only)

This parameter is included mainly for situations where you want to see flowers but not fruits on your plant. This is the number of days from the first creation of the flower before it can be allowed to develop into a fruit. If you want to see fruits on your plant, you should keep this number small so it doesn't limit fruit formation (say 3-5 days). If you don't want to see fruits, make this number large (say 100 days).

Days until drop (female: if fruit not set)

If you would like your flowers to eventually drop off the plant, you can set this parameter to make them disappear some number of days after opening. If you want the flowers to stay on the plant through the rest of its life cycle, set this to a high number.

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