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First leaf parameters

First leaves are also called seedling leaves or cotyledons. They only have a few parameters because they don't do much -- just appear on the plant, then fall off later. We assume that the starting-out biomass for the first leaves (and the first internode) came from the seed, so no meristem needs to create them. But once the seedling leaves are created, they do demand some new biomass from the plant to reach their full size.

Seedling leaf 3D object, scale, colors

See the section on
A common suite of parameters for drawing 3D objects.

Number of nodes on main stem when seedling leaves fall off

Seedling leaves usually fall off the plant eventually, when they are no longer producing energy by photosynthesis. You can control when they disappear by setting the number of nodes that have to be on the plant when the seedling leaves disappear. If you don't want the seedling leaves to ever disappear, set this number to a higher number of internodes than you expect to see on the plant.

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