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Flipping triangles in a 3D object

Since the triangles in a 3D objects are 2D planes, they have two sides like a coin. When you draw a 3D object on a plant you can color each side of each triangle with a different color. This is to represent real color differences like that between the top and underside of a leaf.

Therefore each triangle on a 3D object has a direction that it faces, much as you would say a coin is facing up if the heads side is showing. We call one side the front face and the other side the back face. Usually the front face faces up or to the inside, and the back face faces down or to the outside, but not always. Don't worry about which face is which -- just try different colors until you get what you want. You can also set front and back face colors to the same color if you don't want to show differences between faces.

gif/plantstudio00000098.gif gif/plantstudio00000099.gif gif/plantstudio00000100.gif

You will probably want to make sure all the triangles in a 3D object are facing the same way. It tends to look more realistic.

To flip a triangle in a 3D object in the 3D object editor,
Click Flip triangles mode gif/plantstudio00000101.gif.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Move the mouse over the triangles in the 3D object. Triangles will light up when you move the mouse over them.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Click on a triangle. You can't undo flipping triangles -- just flip it back again.

Tips on flipping triangles:
When you first create a triangle, its facing direction is determined by the order in which you marked the points. If you always mark triangle points in a clockwise order, you won't have to flip any triangles.

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