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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Simulation options window: weather panel

In the simulation options window, the weather panel contains the following items. Click on the Weather button at the bottom of the window to see the weather panel.


The first items in the weather panel are two radio buttons labeled Keep current weather and Choose new climate for weather. To change the climate that is used to generate the weather, click the Choose new climate for weather radio button, then click on the drop-down list box below the radio button, and choose a new climate from the list. To open the templates window and import climates from an outside library, click the ellipse gif/00000048.gif button.

Weather controls

The group of drop-down list boxes on the weather panel controls how the daily weather variables are simulated. Normally, all daily weather variables are simulated in a way that attempts to represent real weather, using randomly varying values based on the climate averages in the climate data. However, you can change any or all of these variables to control the weather for your own experiments. For each of the variables listed (temperature, precipitation, radiation, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction), you can select from one of these four choices:

Simulated: Generated values will vary randomly around climate long-term averages, simulating normal weather as closely as the program can. This is the default choice.

Always (some number): Generated values will be constant at the value shown. This is especially useful if you want to stop it from raining to control the water balance of the soil.

Smoothed: Generated values will exactly equal climate long-term averages, smoothed between months to make a gradual curve, and without any daily random variation. This option is useful if you want your gardening to be less affected by the vicissitudes of variable weather, but still want something like normal temperatures for your area.

Unchanging: Generated values will be constant at whatever value the values held the last time they were simulated. For example, if you change all the weather control choices to unchanging on the warmest day in summer, it will stay exactly like that day until you change the controls again. This is useful to create a greenhouse-like atmosphere.

The simulation options window with weather panel

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