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Garden with Insight FAQ page

Frequently asked questions

I started the program, but I can't plant anything. How do I plant?

If your garden file has no soil patches, you cannot plant any plants. Make sure there is at least one soil patch in your garden, and plant inside it.

I made a soil patch, but it is very tiny. How do I make it bigger?

Pick up the shovel, choose the tool action "Shape soil patch", and click inside the soil patch near one of the four corners and drag outward. That corner of the soil patch will move. Move all four corners around until your soil patch is the size and shape you want it to be.

I chose the Tutorial icon and the program started up, but nothing else happened. What should I do next?

The tutorial isn't one of those wizard-type tutorials that leads you through some actions on the screen; it's just a section of the help file you read while you do the things it says to do. Choosing the Tutorial icon just starts up the program and opens the Tutorial file. What you should do next is to select Tutorial from the Help menu and do what it says there.

How do I uninstall the program?

For version 1.20, choose Start > Programs > Garden with Insight > Uninstall Garden with Insight from your Windows menu.

For versions below 1.20,

  1. Delete the directory you installed the program in (possibly c:\gwi100).
  2. Find the file "gwi_kfs.ini" in your Windows directory and delete that.
  3. Delete any program groups or items the installation created. Under Windows 95/NT, click Start, then Settings, then Taskbar, then Start Menu Programs, then Remove and select the program. In the Windows 3.1 Program Manager, minimize the GWI group (click the down arrow), then click on the icon to select it and type Delete.
The program uses no DLL's or any other files elsewhere.

I can't see the garden and the help window at the same time!

If you use a 640x480 monitor it may be difficult to do the tutorial because you can't see the program's window and the help window at the same time. You can download the tutorial as a plain text file (tutorial.txt, 35K) and print it out to help you along. (If you downloaded the program after March 4, 1997 the tutorial text file is part of the basic package.) The plain text version of the tutorial has no pictures but is identical to the on-screen tutorial otherwise.

Why are my plants growing in the winter? Shouldn't they die?

For each factor set at optimal, each plant grows as though it were in the perfect environment for that factor. For example, if the Optimal temperature option is on, plants grow as if they were in a greenhouse year-round. If the Optimal water uptake option is on, plants grow as if they got as much water as they wanted every day. And so on. You can change these options in the simulation options window.

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