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Links to internet directories and guides

General directories

DaveCentral has reviews and download links for a huge number of software products.

And is a great source for software.

The Open Directory Project is a human-reviewed directory of many web sites in all subjects.

HandiLinks is a well-organized hierarchical listing of many web sites.

Directories related to gardening, botany and agriculture

The Internet Directory for Botany has a searchable index of sites related to botany.

The Biology Site of Sites has annotated links to many sites having to do with biology. Their botany page is here. (By the way, this site was created by two high school students as a project, which is a wonderful use of the internet.)

Infoseek's home and gardening section has links related to gardening, home improvement, and buying a home.

The Mining Company's Gardening guide has articles, a bulletin board and chat area, and many links.

Directories related to graphics

The Mining Company's Graphic Design guide has lots of information and advice about graphic design and web site design.

The Mining Company's Graphics Software guide has information and news about many 2D and 3D graphics software packages.

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