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StoryHarp Version changes

Version 1.32 changes

  • Removed check-for-newer-version reminder if in player-only mode.
  • Fixed potential bug with international Windows versions when loading ini file.
  • Tested with ViaVoice 98 and Microsoft Agent. No problems found. Previous versions of ViaVoice may have problems with Agent.
  • Tested with Agent 2.0. No problems found.

Version 1.31 changes

  • Removed pricing information from program and help system. At the time of this release registration of StoryHarp is US$19.95 per copy; this price is subject to change without notice. For orders over ten copies contact us directly for discounts.

Version 1.3 changes

  • Added Java 1.0 applet source code generation for putting CYOA stories on web sites. (The Java applet created only supports reading a text transcript and picking a choice from a list.)
  • Added right-click popup menu in map to make contexts, commands, and moves.
  • Added support for mixed case in contexts, moves, commands, requirements, and changes.
  • Added limited graphics support with picture window and picture macro for "accent" BMP pictures.
  • Added popup hints for choices, table entries, and browser list items.
  • Added ability to change font in player window.
  • Additional improvements to autoscrolling to fix problem where not all text was scrolled.
  • Better centering for map when chosen to handle when no map items are selected.
  • Removed '$' in transcript window when riddles are selected.
  • Added name of context in New Command Wizard page for adding commands.
  • Prevented problem when shutting down with Agent running by warning that StoryHarp needs to be closed first.
  • Can now drag and drop session or world files onto StoryHarp player or editor windows.
  • Changed caption for main window to have session name at the end in parentheses.
  • Updated help system to reflect changes.
Special notes on case conversions and file versions: StoryHarp now writes world files with a version 1.3 header instead of a version 1.0 header. The files GarTrek.wld, Intro.wld and Astronomy Test.wld have been changed to use mixed case for proper names and saved as version 1.3 files. Versions of StoryHarp before 1.3 can read version 1.3 files, but they will convert all fields except replies in these files to all lower case if you look at the rule containing them in the world editor. Our advice is to start using StoryHarp 1.3 to avoid this potential problem.

Version 1.2 changes

  • Changed the font from MS Sans Serif to Arial to accomodate large fonts. This means that you need to have the Arial font installed to use StoryHarp. The Arial font comes standard with Windows and will be there unless you have removed it.
  • Improved refreshing of command options after you edit rules and load files.
  • Fixed a scrolling text problem in the player window.
  • Modified the /P command-line option to no longer record use time or remind you to register.
  • Changed menu items from "Session | Start in World" to "Session | Open World" and "Session | Open" to "Session | Open Saved Session".
  • Reduced the single-user registration price from $79.95 to $39.95.
  • Changed the license so that use of StoryHarp in player-only mode does not require registration.
  • Added Start menu shortcut to access StoryHarp in player-only mode.
  • Fixed problem linking license button to license page in the help system.
  • Made minor changes to the help system.

Version 1.1 changes

  • Window positions on startup for a completely new installation now fit on 640X480 screens. You can (as always) resize windows to fit your screen.
  • Added "World | Switch to Player" menu item to world editor window.
  • Renamed "Session | New for World" menu item to "Session | Start in World".
  • Changed web link referenced in register window text field from "/order" to "/order.htm".
  • Changed error dialog which appears at startup if Microsoft Agent is not installed. The dialog can now be told not to reappear by checking a checkbox.
  • Fixed a memory access exception that could occur when using "World | New" if you had previously edited an existing world and not saved it first.
  • Updated the help system to reflect these changes.
  • Explained in the help system how to switch between windows and resize windows.
  • Change accelerator keys on some menu items.
  • Made minor modifications to the GarTrek.wld story.
  • Modified the positioning algorithm which places new variables and rules in the map when they are made using the World editor window. The algorithm now uses random positioning around the last object selected (or middle of the map if none is selected). Previously, new items were placed either directly over old ones at the center of the map or a fixed distance below the last selected item. Wizards still use their old positioning algorithm which attempts to place the items they create as structures going down the page.

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