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Deleting triangles from a 3D object

Deleting a triangle from a 3D object is much easier than creating a new one -- just click on it.

To delete a triangle from a 3D object in the 3D object editor,
Click Remove triangles mode gif/plantstudio00000095.gif.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Move the mouse over the triangles in the 3D object. Each triangle will light up when you hold the mouse over it.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Click inside the triangle you want to delete. It will disappear.

Tips on deleting triangles:
You will notice that the 3D object editor has no "Clear" button -- no way to delete all the triangles at once. This is because you will much more likely to be working from existing 3D objects than making new ones, and also because it only takes a few seconds to delete all the triangles in the 3D object.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif The first point in the first triangle in the 3D object (in the order they were added) is the point where the 3D object attaches to the plant. This attachment point is always colored black. It's important to keep track of where the attachment point is, especially if you are starting over from scratch (having deleted all the triangles). If you delete the triangle with the attachment point, the attachment point will move to the next triangle in the list.

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