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Choosing picture size

In the picture export options window (when you copy, save or print a picture), you can choose how large the export picture will be by setting the picture width and height in pixels or in inches.

If you know how large the picture should be when it is printed,
Set the picture size in inches to the printed size you need. For example, if you want a picture to place in a newsletter in a spot where you have 2x2 inches free, set the numbers labeled Size (inches) to 2x2 inches. Make sure when you do this that the number labeled Resolution (pixels/inch) is set to at least the resolution of your printer (see
Choosing picture resolution).

If you don't care about printed size,
When you choose what to draw into the export picture (see
Choosing picture contents) the pixel size will automatically update to the number of pixels the selected plants take up on the screen. Set the picture resolution to what you need, then let the size in inches be calculated automatically.

If Maintain aspect ratio is checked, the width and height in the Size (inches) and Size (pixels) boxes will update to maintain the same width/height ratio as in the original selection. If this box is unchecked, the picture will fit itself into any width and height you choose. The picture will NOT stretch itself to fit into the space; it will just leave empty space in one dimension.

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