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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Plant params germination group

Weight of one seed: The biomass (dry weight) of one seed for this plant. Half of this amount is used as the starting point for the plant's biomass; the other half is assumed discarded in the seed coat and other parts that do not contribute to the growing plant.

Planting depth: This aspect is not used in this version of the simulation.
Heat units required for germination: Number of heat units required before germination is complete. Calculated from planting/harvest dates relative to frost (in cold climates) or January 1 (in hot climates) and from days planting-maturity. Bounded by min and max heat units for germination.

Minimum soil water in plow depth (0.2 m) for germination: When the plant has accumulated enough heat units for germination, it checks the soil water content in the top 0.2 meters of soil. When that water content reaches this number, the germinated seed can emerge from the soil and start growing.

Water content minus wilting point in plow depth (0.2 m): The difference between the soil water content and wilting point in the plow depth (the top 0.2 meters of soil, or about 8 inches). Plant seeds compare this number to a plant parameter to determine if they germinate.
Probability of seed survival after first winter: If a seed did not germinate in the year it was planted, this is the probability that the seed will survive in the soil until the next year (when it will try to germinate again). Significant soil mulch in the second year will prevent emergence.

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