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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Files and directories

The following types of files (and some specific files) are important in using Garden with Insight.

Crucial files

Crucial files needed to run the program are located in the directory in which Garden with Insight is installed. They are the executable file (gwi16.exe or gwi32.exe) and the help file (gwi.hlp).

Initialization file

The initialization file (gwi_kfs.ini) is placed in your Windows directory at installation. For information on changing the initialization file, see How to change startup file preferences.

Important files

Important files the program needs to use to get information can be in any directory, and their names and locations are stored in the initialization file.
gif/20000000.gif The palette file (.bmp) is used to specify the palette used to show colors in all bitmaps used in the program. You do not need to change this file.
gif/20000000.gif The default garden file (.gdn) is used as a template for new garden files. When you create a new garden file, you are actually making a copy of the this file. You do not need to change this file. The original default garden file ( is read-only so you cannot save over it.
gif/20000000.gif A group file (.grp) contains groups, which are used to lump aspects into categories. You can edit the groups file using the group editor.
gif/20000000.gif A library file (.tpl) contains templates (climates, soil types, cultivars, and soil amendments). You can edit templates using the template window and the browser.
gif/20000000.gif A tools file (.too) contains tools, which are used to carry out tool actions in the garden window. You can edit the tools file using the tool editor.
gif/20000000.gif The startup music (.mid) file is a MIDI file the program plays when it starts up. You can change what music file the program plays, and if it plays music at startup, in the Options menu on the garden window.
gif/20000000.gif The hints (.tab) file is a tab-delimited file read by the program to create the long hints for buttons, lists and other items on all the program's window. You can (carefully) edit the hints file.
gif/20000000.gif The aspect hints (.tab) file is a tab-delimited file read by the program to create the hints for each aspect in the simulation. You can (carefully) edit the aspect hints file.

If the initialization file gets deleted or removed from the Windows directory, Garden with Insight will instead look for these default files in the directory where the executable file resides, with these names: palette.bmp,, groups.grp, library.tpl, tools.too, startup.mid,, and

Garden files

Garden files (.gdn) can be in any directory. The name and location of the most recently opened garden file is saved in the initialization file.

Transfer files

Many of the transfer and output files used by Garden with Insight are in tab-delimited format, which means that there are tabs between the different types of information stored in the files. Most spreadsheets and word processors can read and write tab-delimited text files.

Transfer files can be used to import and export information for use in different gardens. They can be in any directory.
gif/20000000.gif Tab-delimited text files (.tab) contain information exported from one garden to be imported into another. Templates (but not seedling templates), harvest reports, groups, harvest items, and tool parameter lists can be exported and imported in tab-delimited format. Notes can be exported but not imported. See the text file warning about editing tab-delimited text files.
gif/20000000.gif 3D object files (.tdo) contain information about one 3D object exported from a template file to be imported into another template file (using the 3D object chooser).
gif/20000000.gif Bitmap files (.bmp) are pictures used for tools; they can be imported or exported from tool files using the tool editor. Bitmap files can be in 16-color, 256-color, or 24-bit color format.
gif/20000000.gif Icon files (.ico) are used to show harvest information about plants and can be imported or exported from library files using the icon chooser.

Output files

Output files are created by the program for you to use in other programs or for technical support. They can be in any directory. They cannot be read by the program.
gif/20000000.gif Numerical exception files (.nex) are records of numerical exceptions encountered while the simulation was running; they are created from the numerical exceptions window. They are in plain text format.
gif/20000000.gif Notes files from the notes editor are in the tab-delimited format (.tab).

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