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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Browser pictures side with weather - temperature

When the weather is selected in the browser, the pictures side of the browser is showing, and the display mode of temperature is selected, the browser displays a 30- day running graph of minimum, mean, and maximum temperature for the day.

The browser pictures side showing temperature

If the show means gif/00000148.gif button is down (pushed in), long- term average minimum and maximum temperature values are overlaid over the current values with straight lines connecting the long-term monthly values. These long-term averages are the same values as in the weather parameters you can change on the numbers side of the browser.

To switch between bar and line graphs, click the bar graph gif/00000147.gif or line graph gif/00000146.gif buttons. To change the color of the graphed bars or lines, click on the colored box at the bottom of the browser and choose a new color from the window that appears. To rescale the graph, click the rescale gif/00000149.gif button.

Maximum temperature is at the hottest point in the 24-hour day, minimum temperature is at the coldest point in the day, and mean temperature is simply the average of these. You can think of maximum and minimum temperatures for the day as the highs and lows you hear about in the weather forecast.

How it works: calculation of air temperature

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