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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Stasis box on/off tool action

The stasis box on/off tool action basically takes a plant out of the simulation. This is useful when you planted a plant at the wrong time, or you want to replant the plant next year but don't want to grow it until then. You can also use the stasis box to freeze one plant at its full size, change one parameter in the template, then grow another plant next to it to see the difference your change made.

To place a plant in stasis, pick up a tool that has the stasis box on/off action (like the magic wand), then click at the base of the plant. A white box will appear around the plant and will stay there until you remove the plant from stasis. While the plant is in stasis it will not react to the passage of simulated time. You will, however, be able to harvest the plant or do any other tool actions on it.

To remove a plant from stasis, click with the same tool again at its base; the white box will appear and the plant will again respond to the passage of time.

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