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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Shape soil patch tool action

The shape soil patch action moves one of the four corners of a soil patch to change its shape. Soil patches can have only four corners.

To shape a soil patch, pick up a tool that has the shape soil patch action (like the shovel), then click inside the soil patch near any of the four corners and drag; the corner you have selected will move as you move the mouse. Release the mouse button when you are finished dragging the corner.

If the soil patch you are shaping has any plants on it and you have changed its shape so that plants are stranded outside the patch, a message will appear telling you that some plants are being deleted. If you hadn't intended this to happen, undo the action. You can avoid this situation by transplanting the plants whose bases are in the area you intend to cut off before you shape the patch.

To undo shaping a soil patch, choose Undo from the garden window Edit menu.

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