These planning pages (circa 1999) are kept here for reference. The ongoing project is now here.

"Every truly great accomplishment
is at first impossible."
                      -- Chinese proverb

The OSCOMAK project will foster a community in which many interested individuals will contribute to the creation of a distributed global repository of manufacturing knowledge about past, present and future processes, materials, and products.

The project's short-term benefits will include

  • technology education,
  • historical education,
  • collaboration,
  • sustainable technology development,
  • public science literacy, and
  • knowledge democratization.

The project's ultimate long-term goal will be to generate a repository of knowledge that will support the design and creation of space settlements. Three forces -- individual creativity, social collaboration, and technological tools -- will join to create a synergistic effort stronger than any of these forces could produce alone. We hope to use the internet to produce an effect somewhat like that described in "The Skills of Xanadu" by Theodore Sturgeon (available in his book The Golden Helix).

We will develop software tools to enable the creation of this knowledge repository: to collect, organize, and present information in a way that encourages collaboration and provides immediate benefit. Manufacturing "recipes" will form the core elements of the repository. We will also seed the repository, interact with participants, and oversee the evolution of the repository.

You can read a paper we presented on this project in the Proceedings of the Thirteenth SSI/Princeton Conference on Space Manufacturing May 7-9, 2001, which we have made available on the web: here. The slides for the presentation are here.

You can read an essay on how to to find the financing to create a "Star Trek" like society here.

We invite you to peruse the pages in this web area and contact us at if you are interested in participation and/or collaboration.

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