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How do I register?

To register StoryHarp version 1.x,

  1. Make sure you have read and agree with the license agreement.

  2. Visit our web site at and follow the instructions there to pay for and receive your registration code.

  3. Once you have your registration code, start StoryHarp, then choose Help | Register.

  4. Enter the registration name and code you received EXACTLY as you found them into the two edit boxes on the registration window. If you received your registration code via email, you can copy and paste the name and code instead of typing them if you like.

  5. Click the Register Me! button.

  6. Click the Print button to print a record of your registration name and code. You will need them if you lose your settings file and need to re-register your copy of StoryHarp. (StoryHarp encodes the registration information in your settings file.)

  7. If you cant print the information from the registration window, copy the information down by hand. If you received your registration name and code by email, you can also print the email message. In any case you should keep your printed record in a safe place.

  8. Your StoryHarp 1.x registration entitles you to use all versions of StoryHarp starting with 1.0 and up to but not including version 2.0 (for example, your registration might cover versions 1.2, 1.5, 1.9). Check our web site once in a while to see if any new updates have been posted.

To use an updated version 1.x of StoryHarp,

  1. Download a StoryHarp installation package from our web site.

  2. If you want to keep any changes you made to any of the files that came with StoryHarp, you should make copies of them in another directory. A complete list of the files that came with StoryHarp is in the readme.txt file. For example, if you changed any of the example or tutorial worlds and want to keep your changes, copy them to a different directory.

  3. You should uninstall the previous StoryHarp version before you install the new version of StoryHarp. To uninstall StoryHarp, run the Uninstall program in the StoryHarp group (Start button, Programs, StoryHarp, Uninstall); or choose StoryHarp in the Add/Remove Programs control panel (Start button, Settings, Control Panels) and click Remove.

  4. Now run the StoryHarp installation package you downloaded to install the new version of StoryHarp.

  5. If you have a StoryHarp settings file in your Windows directory with correct registration information (or in another directory you specify from the command line), the new version of StoryHarp will automatically pick up your registration information and run without asking you to register. Check the Help | About menu item to see if the new version has recognized your registration information.

  6. If the new version of StoryHarp has not recognized your registration information from the settings file (or if you lost your settings file), enter your original registration name and code (which you printed and kept when you purchased it) into the new version of StoryHarp.

Note: If you use StoryHarp on a public computer and register it there, you should delete the StoryHarp settings file when you finish using the public computer.

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